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We Need You!

Do you run a gift shop, clothing store, sub culture outlet, gallery, backpacker, guest house, restaurant, bar, club, theatre, info centre, adventure company or suitable space to sell the latest releases from top South African music artists?

A large part of Home Grown Music’s success relies on having passionate and professional partners in the distribution field who ensure that the album releases are well marketed and sold to our buyers. We are not only looking for space in a shop to put our stands, we are looking for individuals and companies who believe in South African music and the products associated with it.

The Financials?

If you think you fit the profile then we can’t wait to collaborate with you! At Home Grown Music (HGM) there are no ‘clients / employers / superiors / winners / losers’. We work as a team in all aspects of what we do to get this concept moving forward. Essentially, we are looking at an equal three way partnership between HGM, the artist and the distributor. Albums sell for R150 across the board, of which R30 of this is allocated to expenses (printing costs, infrastructure, marketing, transport and setup). The remaining R120 gets divided amongst the three partners mentioned above at R40 per album.

Management of stock and income is done via a user friendly online system, whereby everybody is kept in the loop as to what’s coming and going at the click of a button. Stock is provided on consignment, with a small deposit.

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Read further for how you can help get HGM out there!

HISTORY: We know that it’s a tough market out there, in fact, it is for this very reason that we’re here doing what we do. The point is, we want to change the way South African music artists are perceived and thus received, both locally and abroad. Apart from the odd ‘one hit wonder’ and our brilliant afro jazz stars, South Africa is behind when it comes to featuring contemporary and indie music artists on the international ‘stage’. The only way we can rectify this tragic reality is by becoming proactive!

CURRENT: We need you! We need you to support, we need you to educate, we need you to attend, we need you to listen, we need you to speak and we need you to buy. On every single level South African music needs to be taken seriously for change to happen. The bottom line is how can we expect international markets to pay attention to our music if we don’t pay attention to it ourselves? You can help by encouraging all forms of media to engage more with what’s happening on a grass roots level. It’s not just about what’s on the charts, there is a whole other industry out there that desperately needs to be tapped into in order for growth to happen. You can help by going to gigs and buying albums from South African music artists. You can help by telling your friends to attend music festivals where bands play instead of just DJs. You can help by constructively giving us your feedback, so together we can create a more sustainable, profitable and established South African music industry.